5 Marla Plot In Islamabad

Buying property in Pakistan has become easy with online platforms like bookproperty.pk. Pakistan real estate has developed a lot by that time. Today, you have different options for buying or selling property. There are various advertisements techniques that you can use for that purpose. You can also invest your valuable money in the property for a better future. The real estate business is quite a profitable way of increasing your wealth in a short time period with security.

So, as we are focusing on 5 Marla plots Islamabad and there are several places where you can buy. If we talk about investment in Islamabad, then it is an excellent idea as there are very great opportunities here. The advantages of buying a property in Islamabad are quite effective. The land value is gradually increasing by the time, and it is a great time to buy property here. For that purpose, you can contact the best properties agents in Pakistan with the help of our platforms. Since Islamabad has become the capital of Pakistan, its land value is increasing continuously, and that is understandable.

If we talk specifically about 5 Marla plots in Islamabad, there are plenty of housing schemes with all the facilities where you can buy your plot. Meanwhile, if we think about whether it is a smart choice to buy a 5 Marla or 10 marla, it’s totally up to you. When you are investing your money, make sure to have a stable decision and contact with authentic sources. That’s why you need an expert agent when selling property.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 5 Marla Plot

It’s a dream of every person to buy a house where he/she can get all the facilities to live a comfortable life. That’s why there are several points to consider before buying a 5 Marla plot. It also depends upon the motive for which you are buying such a plot, whether it is for residential purpose or commercial. Luckily In Islamabad, almost every housing scheme has residential and commercial plots. Meanwhile, these factors fit both conditions.


To buy any property anywhere in the world, the main thing that matters is its location. If a property has a great location, its land value will gradually increase by the time as compared to other places. So, when you are going to buy a 5 Marla plot, make sure the location is perfect.


Make sure that the housing scheme which you are considering to buy a 5 Marla plot contains all the basic facilities. It must have all the basic things that are necessary for our daily life. There must be proper power supply, water, gas, telephone, educational institutes, malls and parks.

Ease of Access:

It is a crucial point to consider when you buy property in Islamabad. If your location is easily accessible, it will be more valuable than other properties. Also, it will help you in your daily life to have multiple routes to your 5 Marla plot.

Places Where You can Buy 5 Marla Plots

According to property business stats, Islamabad has developed so much in recent years. Today, there are multiple sites where you can buy a property, whether from an investment point of view or living. It means it’s up to your mood about buying a property here and you can surely buy in any place in Islamabad. The following are the latest sites where you can buy a 5 Marla plot:

Faisal Town Islamabad

Faisal town is one of the beautiful places where you can buy your home. It is a wide housing scheme which is spread throughout the Fateh Jang Road until the right next to Fateh Jang Interchange on Motorway M-1. It is an excellent project of Zedem International Private limited.

Faisal town consists of two blocks, and it contains different projects for villas and commercial purposes. Now it’s up to you whether you are looking for a residential plot or commercial. There are different rates and instalment packages available that will make the buying process easier.

Faisal Margalla City

Faisal Margalla City is another astonishing venture in Islamabad. This housing scheme is based on a wonderful architecture that will change your lifestyle with positivity. The venue where this housing scheme exists is between the MPCHS Sectors and spread towards the foot of Margalla Hills through the north side. You can also access its location through G.T road.

There are multiple plots of different sizes for both residential and commercial purposes. You can buy a 5 Marla residential plot here to build your dream house. Faisal Margalla city has become very popular among investors due to its classic location. You can experience a high-class living style.

Faisal Residencia Islamabad

Faisal Residencia is another major project for both residential and commercial places. This pace is perfect for those people who are looking for a less populated and calm venture. It is located in Sector E-17 beside the Cabinet housing society. It is considered among one of the best housing schemes due to its perfect location. You can easily connect to the main centres of the city.

Here you can buy a 5 Marla plot at a great cost, and you can also have different instalment packages for ease of payment. Faisal Residencia contains all the facilities that will help you to maintain a great lifestyle.

Faisal Hills

Faisal Hills is also considered among the main housing projects of Islamabad. It also has a great location as it is near the Margalla Hills on G.T Road. It can also be an excellent venture for people who are looking for long term investment. Here, you can buy a 5 Marla plot on a decent rate. Besides this, it has got all the facilities including parks, quality eateries mall and educational institute.

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