Selling Property

In Short Steps Property selling made easy in pakistan

There is no doubt about the fact that Selling Property is always easier than buying, but it is a big decision that many take only once in their lifetime. Buying and selling property is one of the most lucrative businesses in Pakistan.

Selling Property

Search Market Rate of the Property,rather than involvement of an agent immediately.

When you decide to sell Property,it is not necessary to involve an agent , first  check out the market rate of the property yourself by gathering information regarding accurate  property rate from different sources and then make up your mind for selling your property.

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After complete research and being well aware of the market rate of property,you should assign an agent to avoid the hassle of finding a suitable buyer. If you don’t know real estate agent that you can trust, ask your friends, or you can always check online at! is an online property resource advertising portal, where you can find all properties listed for sale, rent and agent profile agency, where you find all featured real estate agents to simplify the complex process of property buying and selling


This is why it is important to work with a qualified professional real estate agent when placing your property for sale in Pakistan. If you are interested to buy  property in Pakistan, you will definitely need the help of a local real estate agent who will brief you about property in your desired area.


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Regarding  the  payment of  Agents.He/She works on commission basis.once an agreement about the price has been reached, commission has to be paid by both parties .which is usually one percent. Or you should sit down with the agent and finalise the commission percentage.


After finding a suitable Buyer

Once you find the right buyer. it is time to meet them and negotiate with them regarding the price. The seller and  buyer should always make sure that they negotiate as much as they can. The seller should take the buyer for a visit of the property. It is also important for you to be in possession of the subject documents that proves your ownership of the property.

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After the verification of property ownership documents, the buyer pays a certain amount of money as bayana. Which is 15% to 25% of the sale price. Then the stamp paper should be  signed and filled with all the details about the property,and clarifies the time frame of remaining amount from the buyer.

Transfer of property


When the buyer pays remaining settled amount to the seller,The rights of the property are transferred to the buyer from the seller.Both parties visit the  registrar and declare the transfer of property before witnesses. Then the registrar makes changes in to local land record regarding the ownership of the land and transfer the property from one party to another.

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