Residential Plots in Islamabad

Having your own property or residential plots in Islamabad is like a dream, as the rates of lands and properties are rising as sky-scrapping. But still, the demand and the requirement of property in Islamabad is not less. Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) is having its own reputation in the market in terms of its beautiful places and lands. This city remains an all-time favorite place for everyone who wants to settle in the best residences and villas. There is a diversity of housing arrangements including small flats, small plots meant for individual houses or residential plots, big villas, and multi-storied housing complexes as well as modern apartments.

 Highly demanded property in Islamabad is residential plots or lands. Several people are investing their hard money in buying commercial and residential rental plots. There is numerous sizes of plots and thus they have different payment plans for each accordingly. People who have invested in land or property here in Islamabad have gained immensely business and profit as well. Premium in residential areas such as Faisal town, Faisal hills, Faisal Margalla city and airport enclave Islamabad has been a significant place for business and residential investments. 

Mainly Islamabad has emerged as one of the developed cities in Pakistan. It is one of the fastest-growing real estate sectors in the country. It offers residential plots, commercial and residential properties. In the past few years, Islamabad property price has been on the increase. But you don’t need to worry about rates and payment plans; as you are at the right place to get affordable residential plots with easy installments. is one of the best renowned real estate agencies in Pakistan that’s serving the public with perfect solutions for purchasing land or property in Islamabad. 

To buy a property or residential plot in Islamabad is one of the most profitable and wise investment options. The constant growth in the real estate market has given rise to the various investment options available today. People are becoming more aware of the benefits of investing in plots, flats, and commercial land, as these properties promise to give good returns in the future. Whether for residential or commercial purposes, you should invest in a property only after getting a thorough research of the real estate market and the current trends.

 Things You Need to Know While Investing for Residential Plots

The trends in the real estate market keep on varying with rates and sizes. It is not suitable to take investment decisions in haste as even a slight inconsistency from your side can prove very costly later. Excellent knowledge of the market flow is significant as it can help you decide the right location and area for investment. Here is a list of some key points to keep in mind, before making a final decision when investing in residential plots:

  • Location:

 Location can play an essential role while investing in a plot or land. So try your best to choose the best location depending upon the matter for which you are buying the land (either for commercial use or for residency). If it is for residential use then you can decide if you wish to stay near your office, your kid’s school or some other place, like your relatives. And if it’s for commercial use, you can select it in the commercial area. 

  • Neighborhood : 

The place where you desire to build your home should have a healthy and secure surrounding, especially if you have kids. Close location of the plot with the playgrounds, recreational center, park, and satisfactory security can ensure that your family is always safe and sound.

  • Ease of Access: 

The plot for which you are investing for the residential purpose should be easily accessible to different transport options. No one would like to be stuck in a remote area without any connectivity with the main city. Even if you have your own vehicle, it is imperative to check other available transport options for routine use.

  • Facilities :

The selection of accurate location will help to ensure that your plot has all the necessary facilities, such as water, electricity, gas, telephone connectivity and other network services. Apart from these, the plot should also be close to other amenities, such as schools, malls, markets, etc.

  • Presumptions:

There is another significant consideration while investing in land or plot is to ensure whether it is possible to build on that plot or not. The factors that can cause issues for building are the type of soil and geography. If there are too many slopes then it can obstruct your building project. In case of uneven land, you will have to get it leveled which can be very costly. You should also check if the soil will be able to hold up the base, along with the drainage and sewage system.

If you want to buy a dream house in Islamabad then Faisal town is at peak for this purpose. 

Residential Plots in Faisal Town

Faisal Town Islamabad is a beauty splendid housing scheme on main Fateh Jang Road at the right next to Fateh Jang Interchange on Motorway M-1.

Faisal Town is a property owned by Zedem International Private Limited, which is a project of Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, is the chairman of MPCHS, and has a good reputation in the real estate market due to successful projects in E-11, F-17, and B-17.

Though Faisal Town is a small housing scheme having only two blocks, the development standards of this town are sky-scraping and unique projects of villas and commercials are going well in the state. It has also proven to be a good investment option for both residential and commercial purposes that has paid off more than double profit within two years. The speed of development is also fast, as block A is completed in a record time of two and a half years, and currently, many houses and commercial plazas are under construction. Block B is now under development to fulfill the public demand, and its files are being sold in the market at a reasonable price.

If you are looking to buy a residential plot in Islamabad, then Faisal town is at the top to select for residences purposes. Faisal town is providing outclass facilities at affordable rates, that’s why most of the people are choosing their dream house in Faisal town.  

Facilities you will get:

Faisal town is famous and well known in the whole city and even the province of Punjab just because of its unique and robust structure of amazing buildings and charming commercial plazas. 

The idea on which Faisal town is built will change your perspective of living life. The way its architecture is designed and the material used in the manufacture is just fascinating. The facilities it offers are unexpected.

  • If you see it form an investment point of you, so, the way its development is growing, you can get almost a double profit within two years.
  • The main thing is its locality, which is just perfect as you can easily access all the mainstream of the city through perfect and clear routes to which it’s connected.
  • Plots are reserved for the leading commercial projects like University, School, Community Club Parks, Playground, Shopping malls, Mosque, Filling Station, Hotel, and Graveyard within the perimeters of the town.
  • Security is made sure for the residents of Faisal town with a proper security team 24/7.

Thus comparing the location, future benefits, and cost of the various properties can help you find out the most suitable plot according to your requirements. If you need some guidance from real estate experts, you can rely on us at We are 24/7 available for your assistance. 

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