Selling a property can be a complex process. An agent can help you at every stage, from opening a price to marketing the property to closing the sale.

Price Setting

The process of selling a property generally begins with a determination of a reasonable asking price. Your real estate agent can give time to time information on what is happening in local property marketplace, as well as property demand price, terms and condition of competing properties.

These are the main factors in marketing your property and selling it at the best price. In case of selling homes or plaza building. Often, your agent can recommend repairs or cosmetic work that will significantly enhance the salability of the property.


Agent exposes your property to the public with the help of marketing as well as to other fellows or group real estate agents, and lists your property through a Multiple Listing Service, like and other cooperative marketing networks, such as whatsapp groups, social media ,open property for agents, and so on.


In Pakistan real estate markets, a substantial portion of property sales are cooperative sales; that is, a real estate agent other than yours brings in the buyer. The agent use these cooperative relationships for the benefit of property sellers and themselves.

An agent will also know when, where and how to advertise — which medium, format and frequency will work best for your property and your market. Though advertising can be valuable, only the idea that advertising sells property is a misconception. In Pakistan real estate market mostly of property sales are the result of agent contacts from previous clients, referrals, friends, family and personal contacts.


An agents negotiate well because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they can remove themselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction and because they are skilled. It’s part of their job description. Good agents are not messengers, delivering buyer’s offers to sellers and vice versa. They are professionals who are trained to present their client’s case in the best light and agree to hold client information confidential from competing interests.

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